School for 1100 students.
Shatura, Moscow region.


Shatura, Russia

School for 1100 students.


The architectural, compositional and artistic solution of the general education complex uses techniques characteristic of the Russian avant-garde of the early 20th century and its main current of constructivism, the most significant stage in the development of world architecture. The authors' appeal to this stylistics is connected with the need, at present, to create vivid architectural images by the most economical means. The basis of artistic expressiveness became simple, frankly revealed geometric rectangular forms. The long facade of the building is visually divided into smaller parts, articulated by various techniques of spectral color solutions and architectural details. Such architectural and compositional and artistic techniques most fully reflect the dynamics of personality formation that is present in the atmosphere of the educational institution: the pursuit of perfection.

The projected school building is a complex shape, with a pronounced central part, which has a rectangular plan. The accentuating role of the main facade is emphasized by the entrance group with a monumental portal for the entire height of the building, symbolizing the role of the school as a "temple of science". The central part of the building is adjoined by two "wings" of a complex geometric shape, creating a courtyard space with an area for general school events and a contact zone. The austerity and minimalism of these solutions are enlivened by the more playful character of the window framing and glazing, completing the image of the school building. All the necessary spatial elements and planar structures have been placed on the school grounds to ensure maximum comfort in the educational process.

In the north there is a rectangular volume of an annex for visiting clubs and sports sections outside school hours. The curtain facade consists of fastening elements - profiles and brackets, thermal insulation, protective vapor-permeable membrane and finish of galvanized matte metal cassettes. The color scheme of the facades includes alternation of the basic white color and planes of red, yellow, blue, gray colors in accordance with the coloristic passport. Awnings and canopies are provided over the building entrances and vaults. The canopies over the pits are a light metal structure made of rolled steel of square cross-section with a glass coating. The visor of the main entrance is made of triplex glass on steel profiles of anthracite color. The profiles of windows, stained glass windows and doors are made in dark gray, emphasizing the graphics of the facade.


Building height (from ground level to top floor window bottom elevation): - 13,500 м.;
Maximum building height (from 0.000 to the top of the stairwell parapet): - 20,00 м.;
Building construction area: - 5,451.0 m²;
Total area of the building: - 16,841.0 m²;
- above-ground part - 16 000,0 m²;
- underground part - 841,0 m²;
Usable area of the building: - 13 828,3 m²;
Construction volume of the building: - 78 500,0 m³;
- underground part of the building: - 15 600,0 m³;
- above-ground part of the building: - 62 900,0 m³;
Capacity of elementary school 400 students
Capacity of middle and high school 700 students.
Variants of facade solutions
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