"Arena Park".
Samara city.


Samara, Russia

Concept of residential development of the area near the stadium "Arena" in Samara "Arena Park".


The concept envisages a regular neighborhood layout system combined with a central park and a diagonal alley crossing the site. The diagonal alley is the main pedestrian promenade leading from the projected pedestrian bridge over Moskovsky Avenue to the entrance to the Nagornaya Dacha forest.

Boulevards are placed between blocks of residential buildings, enlivening and softening the regular planning structure of the district.

The development of the territory is solved by belts going from the Moskovskoye highway - at first the belt of high building of 14-16 floors with lowering to 8-12 floors, which is a screen for the rest of the quarter, further to the south of the central park are placed 2-3 storey townhouses and 2-3 storey educational center.

In the northeast corner of the site is designed 22-storey hotel, which is the dominant of the block, the building fixes the corner of Moskovskoye highway and 6-th line street, accentuates the entrance to the city.

The planning center of the projected quarter is the park zone, which is solved by artificial hills. To the north of this picturesque space a leisure complex for children and adults, with a swimming pool and gyms, is designed.

It is envisaged to build a double lane of Moskovskoye highway for comfortable access to the objects of the new development, including the projected hotel. Reconstruction of Alma-Atinskaya Street with the addition of 2 more lanes is envisaged, other streets surrounding the development site are being reconstructed. Parking pockets for guest cars are being arranged. Internal driveways in the development area are intended for entrances to underground parking lots and passage of emergency vehicles.

Apartmentography is represented by 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-room apartments. On the upper floors of separate residential buildings there are 4-5-room apartments with roof terraces.

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