SWIYAGA 2.0 Hydropark.
Ulyanovsk city.


Ulyanovsk, Russia

Conceptual project of development of adjacent territories of the Sviyaga River, Ulyanovsk.


The aim of the project is to preserve and develop a suburban natural atmosphere in an urbanized environment, abandoning the idea of "rolling" all the banks in concrete.

The main connecting elements with the urban area are proposed to be light pedestrian connections on supports and ground crossings of various types.

To extend the localized landscaped sections of the embankment, the existing concrete bank structure will be used, with the necessary supporting cantilever elements for horizontal decking attached to it. In places of unorganized riverbed and adjacent green areas it is proposed to install pedestrian paths, decks and piers on screw piles, which will allow to preserve the existing natural landscape in pristine condition.

On small sections of the river, organize semi-enclosed water bodies, limited by the existing shoreline on one side and crosswalks on point supports on the other. These water spaces can be used in summer for sports, recreation, safe bathing (creation of special water filters in the water along pedestrian bridges), and in winter - as city skating rinks.

In the southeastern part of the territory it is envisaged to connect the coastal park by means of surface and underground passages with the building of the existing Central Station.

The perimeter of the entire territory provides organic communication with the main transport and pedestrian directions and nodes of existing urban neighborhoods.

In the north-western part of the territory at the intersection of Pushkareva St. and Karl Marx St. within the boundaries of the existing vacant lot it is proposed to locate a multi-storey (~35 floors) office-hotel complex as an urban dominate.

Planned residential areas become an organic continuation of the existing areas with the arrangement of developed social infrastructure.

In the central part of the territory (western bank) in the area of the complex "Volga Sports Arena" it is envisaged to organize a specially protected park zone, which does not envisage construction of any other structures except for pedestrian paths and outdoor sports grounds.

On the peninsula in the western part of the planned territory in the vicinity of Alexander Nevsky Street it is proposed to organize the embankment - park with the device in the center of the thematic social and cultural complex - "Fisherman's Town". where the main attraction objects will be concentrated - fish Food Court, Museum of the River, organized fishing zones, recreation zones.

The complex will also perform the function of a lighthouse - a symbol of the city, with the device of wind generators, to produce electricity for the needs of the complex.

In the northern part of the area it is envisaged to develop the existing potential of homestead plots with the creation of an Eco-cluster with greenhouses, gardens and an urban market.

In addition to its main function, the existing dam structure is being transformed into an art object with a viewpoint and a café.

All planned point public buildings in the coastal zone are planned to be made of wooden structures with placement on point on piers, avoiding the device of capital reinforced concrete foundations.

Straightening of the Sviyaga River channel is carried out locally, in accordance with the general planning concept, without drastic changes to the existing natural landscape.
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