Residential complex "TRIUMPH"

Multi-storey residential complex in Moscow


Moscow, Russia

5 residential buildings
17-19 floors
Residential complex "TRIUMPH"


The residential complex consists of five twin towers. The height of the towers is from 17 to 19 floors.

In the courtyard of the complex there is a park area with walking and jogging paths.

The project also provides for the improvement of the entire open space territory:
- all driveways, sidewalks and parking places were asphalted;
- landscaping design was used for the arrangement of greenery;
- public green zones and landscaped sections were set up with the main "recreation nucleus" in the center. This nucleus included playgrounds for children and adults, sports grounds with modern and safe surface covering.

The residential complex "TRIUMPH" with the adjacent territory has become a green oasis for rest and recreation, helping people get into harmony with the world around them and get in touch with nature in the center of the gas-polluted metropolis with a fast pace of life.

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