Residential quarter "Quiet Harbor"

Multi-storey residential complex


Saint-Petersburg, Russia

5-9 floors
Residential quarter "Quiet Harbor"


Residential complex "Quiet Harbor" has a special atmosphere, combines the rhythm of life in the metropolis and the privacy of suburban housing.

Cascading architecture, offering picturesque views, promenade embankments and rich landscaping -this is only part of the advantages of the new eco-friendly business-class complex.

The U-shaped complex, facing the water, forms a private and safe space of the courtyard, equipped with all the necessary infrastructure elements. There are guest and underground parking, playgrounds and sports grounds, walking and cycling paths, recreation areas for residents and their guests, rich landscaping and active use of slopes to the water.

Eco-friendliness and unity with nature is also emphasized by the extraordinary architectural solution of the residential complex "Quiet Harbor" in the Northern European style. The building has a cascade structure with a decrease in the number of floors from 9 to 5 floors, which maximally fits it into the natural context, and a comfortable microclimate in the apartments is provided by environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies.

The project presents a 10-section high-rise residential building with a variety of planning solutions - one-, two -, three-bedroom apartments and penthouses on the upper floors. The apartments are designed from the conditions of their settlement by one family and provide all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay.

On the ground floor of the complex there are commercial squares, which can be given over to shops, cafes and office space.
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