HOUSE BOAT in the style of a chalet


Conceptual project


300 m2
HOUSE BOAT in the style of a chalet


A chalet-style house where you can walk along the river, lake and other bodies of water. A full-fledged house on the water for living all year round. Spend time with the whole family, use it as a summer cottage or rent it out.

Live in a houseboat and feel like in a nice apartment or a country house. At the same time, you will see a picturesque city view or the sun, sky and clouds outside the window.

Architectural style
Houseboat in the style of a chalet is a cozy and very reliable Alpine-style house. Year by year, the popularity of the chalet is growing, because the ski resorts of the Alps and tourism are increasingly attractive for recreation. It is suitable for creative and romantic natures, connoisseurs of cultural heritage, traditions and quality.

We have combined the romanticism of the chalet style with a technological floating structure. We got a luxury house on the water, which you will not find anywhere else. Travel along rivers, canals, lakes and other bodies of water. Spend time on the city's rivers and backwaters. Go to the country and relax in nature while staying in your own cozy house.

Advantages of living in a houseboat:

No need to buy land
Live in a houseboat on a river, lake or reservoir. Go on a houseboat for free along your favorite routes.

Moor at any yacht club
Choose a place for mooring, think about the travel time and your route in advance.

Live with the whole family In
a spacious house on the water with an area of 300 sq. m. or more. Spend time in the living room, relax in the bedroom or take a walk on the deck under the open sky.

Live where you like
You can moor for a long time in any yacht club in your city. Change the location for life at any time – travel to any reservoirs where small vessels go.

Houseboat layouts
For your convenience, we have provided a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen-dining room, a bathroom, a recreation area, a storage room for river equipment and a technical area. In this project, an additional SPA area was located.

The HOUSE BOAT is absolutely safe. The special sealed design of the houseboat 100% protects your home from water penetration and shipwreck.

Of all small vessels, a houseboat is the safest type of water transport. It can withstand a wave up to 1.5 meters high and is almost not subject to pitching.

There are two catamarans in the floating state of the houseboat. The residential part in the style of a chalet is built from above. Each catamaran is divided into several compartments. If one of them is leaking, then the rest will not get water.

The floating base and the residential part on top are made of non-flammable sandwich panels of European production. Inside the panels, the material is 6 times lighter than water. Therefore, even in case of emergency flooding of the compartments, the residential part of the houseboat will remain above the water and you will remain safe.

Climate endurance
The HOUSE BOAT project is made specifically for the Russian climate. It is comfortable to live in it all year round. In summer, the material and the ventilation system will provide coolness. Even in winter, due to the heating system, you will spend your time comfortably.

The houseboat hull is able to stay in ice in winter and winter at low temperatures.

Rooms in the layout of the houseboat:
Kitchen-dining room
Remote control
Living room
SPA area

Smart Home
Use the Smart Home system to solve all household issues in a couple of clicks – set up a split system, check the serviceability of video surveillance, dim the lights, control multimedia and sound.

Convenience and ergonomics
Steering wheel in the living room
There is a control post inside the house. You are at the helm in a comfortable interior, as if the captain's cabin and the recreation area are one.

Maneuverability and control comfort
Surveillance cameras and mooring sensors are located around the perimeter of the houseboat.

It is easy to get" rights " to manage
A driver's license for small vessels is enough. After 1-2 months after basic training and exams, you will be able to safely manage a houseboat.

Save on the maintenance of your home-a houseboat is cheaper than a country house

Rent a place in the yacht club
40,000 rubles per month
Maintenance of security systems
3,000 rubles a month
Tax on a small vessel
from 12,000 rubles per year

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